It’s the holiday season~(人´∀`*)and what better way to thank u guys than to give lovely bundles of sweet…sweetness (´ー`;)ゞ  

This lucky person would receive the ultimate “kawaii package” complete with a Seifuku(bc everyone deserves to have at least one of these in their closet right), furry coat with ears (something fluffy and cute 2 hug you when it gets cold), korean/japanese bubble hair dyes (/cries/ there goes my collection), and a lot more cute goodies (bc why not u guys deserve it ಥ‿ಥ)

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The winner shall receive: 
°☆ Pink sailor seifuku (with new tags, XS-S, preview of top)
°☆ White bear furry jacket thing with ears (preview)
°☆ Celeste Stein Angel Tights (First Kiss)
°☆ Richenna Korean Bubble hair dye (Pink Brown)
°☆ パルチイー「バニラベージュ」 (Palty Bubble hair dye/Vanila Beige)
°☆ ルミナスチェンジアイラッシュFalse Eyelashes Set
°☆ Sanrio Hello Kitty Coloring Pens set
°☆ Original Little Twin Stars Fan
°☆ Original Little Twin stars(きらきらシール)stickers set
°☆ ラインストーンシール (Pink Crystal Rhine Stones Seal — for iphone cases/ds/laptops/etc)
°☆ Pink Chocolate contact lenses case
°☆ 4 Cute pins (Purple Bow, Pink bow, Chocolate heart cake, Totorro)
°☆ Cute USB pink mouse
°☆ Popteen Issue #380

Preview pictures (Raw):  ,  , 

Instructions/Rules! (シ_ _)シ
°☆ Must be following me! (this giveaway is originally for my followers, so if you’d like to that’d be super cool (´;ω;`) )
°☆ Reblogs only please (o´ω`o)  (!likes will not be counted/reblog as much as you like but pls be mindful of your followers too!)   
°☆ Please do not delete this text
°☆ No giveaway blogs! ಠ_ಠ
°☆ Must have parent’s consent/be comfortable giving me an address to send it to
°☆Ask box must be open. If i don’t receive a reply from the chosen winner within 2-3 days I will choose another winner. (*ノωノ)
°☆ Must be okay with revealing their URL to the public if ever deemed winner


The winner will get chosen via random.org and shall be announced on: Jan 29, 2014

(((welp there goes my money/stuff but ho ho ho christmas joy for all u little balls of snow)))

Good luck to everyone!  


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—Some more little life lessons, by Daisy Lola  (via 42morrow)